Welcome Skulk


JTD is excited to welcome one of our new resident artists Skulk, an inner west creative workhorse! He’s  just returned from a residency in Berlin (lucky duck!) and we’re looking forward to seeing his sweet new European talents. More info on our new family members comming soon 🙂


Thanks for the Website Kiran!


A massive thank you to Kiran Sanchez Kashyap for putting this site together for us. We’re all super stoked! Kiran’s an awesome local creative with a passion for conceptual design and design for positive social impact. It’s been great to having him onboard.

Farewell Patrick!


One of our beloved artists Patrick has recently left us for the sunny shores of Manchester.

Patrick used a ‘unique combination of photography, stencilling, black and white pastel drawing on furniture’ to create socially responsive pieces. You may have seen his piece in Rozelle, commemorating the victims of the Rozelle fire, or his No Turning Back exhibition at Addison Rd Community Centre which tells the stories of refugees who have settled in the Marrickville area.

Farewell Patrick, You’ll be missed!

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Wheels Are Turning


Join the dots is currently collaborating with The Addison Road community garden to build them a solar powered, ornamental, waterwheel for their main entrance. It’s been a big project so far, and many are surprised we’ve spent so much time on a wheel that’s purely ornamental…but we assure you it’s magic will engulf the world.

ww2 IMG_1334



We recently had the pleasure of hosting Menstravaganza at JTD.

Menstravaganza serves as a platform to bring together individuals to create a united and strong voice for people around the world, helping to break the silence around menstrual hygiene management.

The event helped to address the challenges and hardships many people face during their menstruation, but also to highlight the positive and innovative solutions being taken to address these challenges. Four workshops were run simultaneously that tackled these issues and worked as platforms for discussion.

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